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My name is Jesse Schieuer, and I'm a photographer.

This is supposed to be the part where I tell you all about my "passion for photography" and "making images come to life" and so on and so forth, but...I like to do things a little differently. 
I'm not one to do things one way just because it's how everyone else is doing them. I believe your brand should have it's own personality, it's own identity, that it should be recognizable, that it should stand out from the rest. 

That's why I'm here. Do I have a passion for photography, and all that other cliché stuff you'll see in every other photographer's "About" section? Absolutely, I love what I do very much.

But what I love even more is seeing the impact that my work can make.

Although I do try to keep life and work as lighthearted and fun as possible, I take what I do very seriously. I feel a huge amount of pride when I finish a job and I see my work doing exactly what the client wanted it do.

And the opposite is also true. By letting you and your brand down, I let myself and my own brand down. 

I'm not here just to make a buck.

I'm here to make an impact.

I hope you are, too.



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