Social media is hard

Let's make it easier.

Consistently posting high quality content can be incredibly time consuming.

By subscribing to this service, you will ALWAYS have professional images to post to your business's social media.


How Does it work?

Upon subscribing to this service, we will work out what day each month will work best for both of us. For instance, the third Wednesday of each month.

Then, we will sit down and talk about exactly what you're wanting to achieve through your social media.

After this is all figured out, I will show up to your business at our arranged time once a month. I will spend one to two hours shooting images that will best accomplish your business's mission.

Within a few days, you will be provided with 15, 20, or 30 finished photos that you are free to post on any of your social media pages.

Is It worth it?

Every business is different, so I won't say that this is undoubtedly a perfect fit for you. Instead, let's look at a few things.

  • To take full advantage of the benefits of social media, businesses should be posting between 3-7 days a week, but no more than once per day.

  • Consistency is a major player. You should be posting on the same days, at the same time, every week. Whether it's Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, etc.

  • Consistency is also a major player in the LOOK of your posts. Viewers will grow accustomed to how your images look over time. This is helpful to stop the viewer's endless scrolling through the news feed. They are much more likely to stop and engage when they see something they recognize.

  • Finally, quality is the single most important part of posting engaging content. Anymore, anyone can grab their iPhone and snap a quick picture. With photos and videos becoming more and more important with the Facebook algorithm, more and more people are using them to get noticed. That means it's more important than ever to be posting high quality, professional content that jumps out at your viewers. Stop their scrolling, engage them, and convert them to a customer.

All of this can make managing your page

incredibly time consuming and stressful.

Most times, so much so that businesses fall back

on posting content that just isn't having the effect

that it could.

Handing me the responsibility of creating your content for you

will free you up to do other things, grow your page's engagement,

convert views to sales, and ultimately make your business money.

How much does it cost?

Prices range from $210/month to $365/month. I understand those are big numbers, but before they scare you off, let's think about this.

Taking into account all the things we talked about in the previous section, let's say on average it takes one hour to come up with a high quality, engaging post each day.

At minimum, that's three hours a week you could instead spend on more pressing jobs.

Now, just as an example, let's say you're paying yourself $20/hour. That's $60/week, or $3,120/year! All for content that isn't pulling it's weight.

Now let's look at our cheapest option, which gives you 15 professional photos per month. Take note, that's enough for three posts a week and then some.

At $210/month, over the course of a year, you would be saving $600!

And that's just the cheapest package, the savings only go up from there. With the Premium package for 12 months, you would be saving $3,180 per year!

On top of that, you're free to do other things, while simultaneously posting better, higher quality, more engaging content that pulls more customers into your business!

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How do I sign up?

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